Reekimlane Foundation


The Reekimlane Foundation has provided long-term support to projects with which the trustees have become personally involved, including:

The Beacon Collaborative

The Beacon Collaborative is seeking to encourage a £2 billion increase in annual giving in the UK by holders of wealth within a decade.

The Beacon Collaborative brings together organisations and individuals who believe private philanthropy and social investment capital have a positive effect on society. They share a common aspiration to increase philanthropy and social investment in the UK and as partners they recognise that they will accomplish more by working together.

The Beacon Collaborative project was initiated in 2017 by Matthew Bowcock, CBE. The project merged with the Beacon Fellowship Charitable Trust in October 2018. The Collaborative carries out its campaign mission by commissioning activities across five work streams: increasing peer influence, developing public awareness, improving professional advice, researching giving and social investment and improving political engagement.


The Childhood Trust

The Childhood Trust is London's child poverty charity, founded with a simple vision: to support vulnerable children living in poverty in London.

The Childhood Trust’s work is focused on helping children living in poverty to overcome the many disadvantages that arise. London children are much more likely to live in poor households than children in the rest of England. 55% of poor children in London are materially deprived compared to 44% in the rest of England.

Child poverty in London is about more than income. For many children poverty can mean uncertainty, stress, hunger, loneliness, boredom, poor health and a lack of opportunities. The most disadvantaged children fall at least two years behind their peers when they sit their GCSE's, impacting their overall chances to thrive.

The Trust works across three thematic areas meeting children's practical, emotional and inspirational needs. Programmes delivered by the Trust’s grassroots partner charities across these themes promotes wellbeing and resilience, strengthening vulnerable children's capacity to learn.

The Childhood Trust provides matching funding for projects that operate throughout London and help to provide vital support to children living in poverty. Since 2013 the Trust has raised £11.2 million, which has benefited a total of 169 charities and touched the lives of 170,000 children.


The Cabrach Trust

The Cabrach Trust’s vision is to regenerate the Cabrach as a thriving, sustainable community with its history, heritage and place in Scottish history celebrated and shared by all.

To achieve this goal, the Trust plans to build the Cabrach Heritage Centre to inspire, educate and engage visitors and to revitalise the Cabrach, giving it a renewed sense of place, pride and community.

The Centre’s unique and intriguing presentation of the history of illicit whisky distilling and smuggling in Scotland will fascinate visitors from the region and around the world. Illuminating historical research and the archaeological discovery of distilling bothies will reveal the untold story of a clandestine activity that is an important part of Scotland’s history, politics and culture.

Cabrach Distillery Limited, a trading subsidiary of the Trust, will operate a small historic distillery on the site, using authentic methods from the 1820s, providing much-needed local employment and a sustainable income for the Centre.

The Cabrach Trust (originally registered as New Cabrach Developments) was established in 2011 by Grant Gordon. With the support of private donations, the Trust took ownership in 2013 of the historic Inverharroch Farm and of 170 acres of surrounding land.